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  • 1

    Welcome! Course overview and resources

    • Course FAQs

    • Course Overview

    • Improvement Project Worksheet

    • Quality Improvement Driver Diagram Worksheet

  • 2

    What is quality improvement?

    • History and evolution of the Quality Improvement movement

    • System of Profound Knowledge

    • Where do you fit in?

  • 3

    How do we improve?

    • How do we improve?

    • The Model for Improvement

    • What does the Model for Improvement look like in action?

    • What other improvement methodologies are used in health care and other industries?

    • Back to the Model for Improvement: What are we trying to improve?

    • Guidelines for developing the AIM statement

    • What comes next after we develop an AIM statement?

    • What change can we make that will result in an improvement?

    • Reflection

  • 4

    How do we test our change ideas?

    • Plan - Do - Study - Act (PDSA) Cycle

    • PDSA and small tests of change instructions

    • Planning for spread and sustainability of your new process

    • Tools of the trade

  • 5

    How do we measure and analyze change?

    • Using data to tell the story of improvement

    • Types of measures for improvement

    • Types of measures: What's a "balancing measure"?

    • What's the difference between data for quality improvement and data for research?

    • Collecting the RIGHT data

    • What can we learn about data collection from a banana?

    • Data display

    • Data display techniques

    • Common types of data display

    • Run charts and control charts

    • How do we use run charts and control charts to make decisions?

    • What about variation in data results?

    • Run chart rules

    • Resources

    • Download your Run Chart Rules Resource

  • 6

    How do we lead improvement?

    • How do leaders change culture?

    • Leadership activities that promote quality and safety

    • What is the role of the governing body in a health care organization?

    • Who should be on the improvement team?

    • Is there a blueprint for the steps that teams need to take?

    • Coaching for improvement

    • How do improvement teams grow and develop?

  • 7

    How safe is health care?

    • What does it mean to provide safe care?

    • History of the patient safety movement

    • To Err is Human: Shining a Light on Safer Health care

    • To Err is Human: The Reaction

    • Where does health care go from here? Crossing the Quality Chasm

  • 8

    How does an organization’s culture contribute to safety?

    • What is a culture of safety?

    • Building a culture of safety

    • How do we measure and improve a culture of safety?

    • Can communication among our teams improve the culture of safety?

  • 9

    How do systems contribute to safety or harm?

    • Systems and safety

    • Systems approach to safety and harm

    • Systems focus

    • What can Swiss cheese teach us about errors?

    • Blame vs accountability

    • Human error, at-risk, or reckless behavior?

  • 10

    We are only human - factors that contribute to harm

    • What are human factors?

    • How can we design systems that incorporate human factors?

    • Human factors and harm

    • What is high reliability? And what is a high reliability organization?

    • Becoming a continuously highly reliable organization

  • 11

    How do we engage others in the work of improvement?

    • Engage the right people on your performance improvement (PI) journey: Getting There Guide

  • 12


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