• Do I need to complete the whole course in one sitting?

    No! CLIC is designed to be a low burden, resource-rich online environment for our hospitals to build knowledge and gain the skills necessary to effectively drive improvement.

  • Do I need to be a clinician to participate in communities and courses?

    No! We call CLIC “democratized education.” EVERYONE in your organization is invited to join CLIC. Everyone? Yes, everyone! Clinical, non-clinical, patient care, non-patient care – everyone. CLIC is where you will find information and resources for HQIC quality improvement.

  • How long are the courses?

    Course length varies. Each video or written module is designed to be completed within 5 minutes on average, and each course contains several additional resources for your improvement teams.

  • The course is having technical errors, what should I do?

    Not to worry, we have a few techniques you can try to troubleshoot and technical issues. Firstly, we encourage using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, as this platform is best optimized for these web browsers. If the problem proceeds, try clearing your cache/cookies/browsing history, which can often cause issues with the browser usability. If the problem is still happening, we suggest restarting your computer. And finally, if you are still unable to access the CLIC platform properly, please email cynosure@cynosurehealth.org with a screenshot and a detailed description of the troubles you are encountering. Thank you!

  • Can I get continuing education credits if I complete a course?

    Great question! We currently do not have this capability, although we are working toward a solution. Join our mailing list in the contact section to be first to know when continuing education credits are available.

  • Can I download the materials in the courses and distribute to my teams?

    Absolutely! We hope you find the resources and tools valuable within your organization or hospital. Cynosure Health reserves all rights to the materials created by Cynosure Health team members ©. Please do not alter or replicate materials within CLIC.