• How do I maximize my value?

    CLIC hub offers many options to purchase content. You can purchase individual courses or course bundles on specific topics, or you can purchase an annual membership to CLIC hub, which provides access to all courses released during the membership period, as well as CE credits for any course. If you are interested in multiple courses, a membership is a great way to maximize your value, as we regularly release new courses and content.

  • How can I access content?

    We offer many options based on your interest areas and budget: free courses, membership, individual courses, and bundles. Free courses. Many of our courses on some of the most pressing issues in patient safety are freely available. Share these widely with your network! We also offer continuing education credits for these courses for purchase. Membership. Our annual membership gives you access to all courses, resources, and immersion programs, as well as early access to our paid certification programs, offered three times each year. Individual courses. Purchase individual courses to delve into a specific topic area. Within the course, you will have access to on-demand lessons through video, resources, surveys, and more. CLIC hub courses are digestible and accessible. All lessons are bite-size and can be completed in 3-5 minutes. CE credits are available for many courses. Bundles. Want a deeper dive into a topic area? Bundles grant you access to all courses within a topic area currently available on CLIC hub. CE credits are available for many courses.

  • What types of courses do you offer?

    On CLIC hub you’ll find a variety of courses design to meet your education and training needs. On Demand Courses – Capacity Building. On-demand virtual learning courses are designed to build competency related to the fundamentals of quality improvement, infection prevention, and patient safety; strategies to engage patients and family engagement, and principles for leading quality improvement. Access content by purchasing individual courses, relevant bundles, or through an annual membership. Purchases include access to CE credits. CLIC Immersion. On-demand, game-based, experiential learning for training and competency assessment, specialized for bedside staff. These virtual, simulation escape room are available for purchase for one-time use or in bulk as an enterprise training strategy. CLIC Certification. Subject matter experts from Cynosure Health host hybrid on-demand and live virtual courses to provide training for health care professionals seeking specialty certifications such as Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ), Certified Professional in Patient Safety (CPPS), Certification in Infection Prevention and Control (CIC). These certification courses are available for purchase and enrollment multiple times per year and include CE credit.

  • Are continuing education credits available for CLIC courses?

    Yes! We offer continuing education credits for Registered Nurses for many of our courses. Courses that offer CE credit indicate the credit hours available in the course description. Please note that to receive CE credit you must complete the entire course, including viewing videos, reading materials, answering reflection questions, and completing a course evaluation. CE certificates are automatically generated once the course requirements are met.

  • Can I download the materials in the courses and distribute to my teams?

    Absolutely! We hope you find the resources and tools valuable within your organization or hospital. Cynosure Health reserves all rights to the materials created by Cynosure Health team members ©. Please do not alter or replicate materials within CLIC.


  • How can I share these courses with others in my organization?

    Our users are always thinking of new and creative ways to use CLIC hub courses to support education and training within their organizations. Contact our team at for discounted bulk purchase options and to hear about ways to become a group admin so that you can monitor your team’s course completions.

  • Can I lease educational space on your site to share my course?

    We are pleased to offer the opportunity to lease space on CLIC hub. There are many benefits to using the CLIC hub platform, including reaching thousands of students nationwide who are interested in improving health care delivery. You will have direct access to CLIC hub marketing, a full range production team for your courses, coaching from Cynosure Health team members on how to create your optimal course, and much more. Contact the CLIC hub at team to learn more about pricing and options.

  • Do you create custom courses for individual created hospitals or other organizations?

    Our subject matter experts are ready and willing to partner with you to customize a course for your hospital or organization. Customized courses can include a mixture of live training courses alongside existing on demand courses. We will work with you to create a custom syllabus for your hospital or organization and develop relevant accompanying materials. Contact the CLIC hub team at to learn more about pricing and options.


  • How do I unsubscribe?

    Thank you for being part of our CLIC community! We are sad to see you leave, but hope you were able to takeaway lots of valuable information from the CLIC hub. You should have the ability to unsubscribe from any emails sent out by CLIC hub by clicking unsubscribe at the bottom of the email. If you are continuing to receive emails, please contact us at and we will assist you.

  • The course is having technical errors, what should I do?

    Not to worry, we have a few techniques you can try to troubleshoot and technical issues. Firstly, we encourage using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, as this platform is best optimized for these web browsers. If the problem proceeds, try clearing your cache/cookies/browsing history, which can often cause issues with the browser usability. If the problem is still happening, we suggest restarting your computer. And finally, if you are still unable to access the CLIC platform properly, please email with a screenshot and a detailed description of the troubles you are encountering. Thank you!