Course curriculum

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    Welcome to the Residency Program!

    • Welcome to the Quality Improvement Residency - Fall 2022

    • Course instructor, learning objectives, CE credits

    • CLIC hub FAQs

    • QI Residency Student Workbook & Syllabus

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    Lesson 1 - How Do We Develop and Design Quality Improvement Projects?

    • Lesson 1 - Welcome!

    • Introduce yourself!

    • History and evolution of the Quality Improvement movement

    • How do we improve?

    • The Model for Improvement

    • What does the Model for Improvement look like in action?

    • What other improvement methodologies are used in health care and other industries?

    • Back to the Model for Improvement: What are we trying to improve?

    • Guidelines for developing the AIM statement

    • What comes next after we develop an AIM statement?

    • What change can we make that will result in an improvement?

    • Plan - Do - Study - Act (PDSA) Cycle

    • PDSA and small tests of change instructions

    • Planning for spread and sustainability of your new process

    • Tools of the trade

    • DISCUSSION: What is one small test of change you can do within your hospital or organization? Let your cohort know in the Lesson 1 Discussion

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    Lesson 2 - How Do We Know That The Changes We Implemented Resulted In An Improvement?

    • Introduction to Lesson 2

    • Using data to tell the story of improvement

    • Types of measures for improvement

    • Types of measures: What's a "balancing measure"?

    • What's the difference between data for quality improvement and data for research?

    • Collecting the RIGHT data

    • What can we learn about data collection from a banana?

    • Data display

    • Data display techniques

    • Common types of data display

    • Run charts and control charts

    • How do we use run charts and control charts to make decisions?

    • What about variation in data results?

    • Run chart rules

    • Download your Run Chart Rules Resource

    • How to create a run chart in excel

    • Who should be on the improvement team?

    • Engage the right people on your performance improvement (PI) journey: Getting There Guide

    • DISCUSSION: How will you measure improvement?

  • 4

    Lesson 3 - What Drives Improvement?

    • Introduction to Lesson 3 Activities

    • What's a Driver Diagram?

    • Example of a Driver Diagram

    • Drivers for Improvement - CAUTI

    • Drivers for Improvement - CLABSI

    • Drivers for Improvement - Antibiotic Stewardship

    • Drivers for Improvement - Sepsis

    • Drivers for Improvement - Readmissions

    • Drivers for Improvement - Glycemic Control

    • Drivers for Improvement - Inpatient Opioid Safety

    • Drivers for Improvement - High Inpatient INR

    • Quality Improvement Driver Diagram Worksheet - Fillable

    • Driver Planning Form

    • Download Your Discovery Tools

    • Discovery Tool Overview

    • Instructional Videos for Discovery Tools by Topic

    • Submit Your Discovery Tool Findings!

    • DISCUSSION: What are your top 2-3 areas identified by the Discovery Tool for your selected topic?

  • 5

    Lesson 4 - Designing Your Improvement Project

    • Introduction to Lesson 4

    • Improvement Planning Worksheet

    • DISCUSSION: Which primary driver and two secondary drivers has your team identified as focus areas for your improvement project?

  • 6

    Lesson 5 - Deploying Your First Test of Change / PDSA Cycle

    • Introduction to Lesson 5

    • DISCUSSION: What first test of change did you deploy? Please share what you tried and what happened.

  • 7

    Lesson 6 - Selling Your Idea to Others

    • Introduction to Lesson 6

    • DISCUSSION: What progress have you made in your PDSA cycles? Share the elevator speech you have created to "sell" the benefits of your project to others..

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    Lesson 7 - Refining Your PDSA Cycles

    • Introduction to Lesson 7

    • DISCUSSION: What progress have you made on your PDSA cycles?

  • 9

    Lesson 8 - Planning for Spread and Sustainability

    • You Did It! The Final Lesson in the Quality Improvement Residency Course

    • Project Report Out PPT Template

    • Cynosure QI Connection Listserv

    • DISCUSSION: What's the story of your improvement project? Please share your "Report Out PPT Template"

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