Course curriculum

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    Welcome! Course overview and resources

    • Course Overview

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    Module 1: History and Evolution of Infection Prevention

    • The Mother of Quality Improvement: History and Evolution of Infection Prevention

    • I see you are an Infection Preventionist: What do you do?

    • What do you do?

    • Your Elevator Pitch

    • Fifty Shades of Gray

    • Was there ever a time when you:

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    Module 2: Tips for making Infection Prevention a career, not just a job

    • How to Find Success, Influence, Value & Joy as an Infection Preventionist

    • Finding joy at work

    • I am peddling as fast as I can: Are you good, lucky, or not looking?

    • It's all about the relationships

    • Soft skills are harder than you think

    • Time is ticking: Manage your time more effectively

    • You can't always get what you want: Building a business case and preserving your political capital

    • Deliver the good news

    • Crossing the red line: Using checklists to adopt and adapt best practices in unfamiliar settings

    • Stay in your lane

    • Be the firefighter, not a police officer

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    Module 3: Keys to a Solid Foundation

    • What are you keeping your eye on and why? The power of the Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA)

    • Policies, procedures, and protocols, oh my!

    • Death, dying, and data

    • What to do with the data?

    • Would you rather get ready or be ready?

    • Tell me or teach me

    • Making your message memorable

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    Tools you can use

    • APIC Laundry Checklist

    • Checklist for New IPs Working in ORs - Linda Spaulding

    • Surgical Procedure Hospital and Ambulatory checklist

    • Environment Checklist APIC

    • ICRA ICT M Patrick

    • Quick Observation Tools CDC

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    • Closing Remarks