Course curriculum

  • 1

    ACTION Summit Information - 2021

    • Welcome Video

    • ACTION Summit Agenda

    • ACTION Summit Brochure

    • Summit Highlights

  • 2

    Opening Keynotes

    • Health Care and Homelessness: Can Health Care Systems Help Communities End Chronic Homelessness?

    • Emerging from the Pandemic - Critical Strategies to Address Workforce Safety, Well-Being, and Staffing

    • Patient Family Engagement for Equity: Leveraging Patients and Family Caregivers as Connectors to the Community

  • 3

    Breakout Series 1

    • Health Equity and COVID-19: Lessons Learned from the Executive Roundtable

    • Leveraging Social Risk Scoring and Hospital Data to Build Health Equity in Readmissions

    • Moving Mountains with Data: Reframing Our Approach Using Data for Improvement

    • Early Warning Systems: Laying the Bricks and Filling the Cracks for Patient Rescue

    • Fireside Chat for Hospital CEOs: Innovative Ideas during the Pandemic that Should Become the New Normal

    • Combatting the Stigma of Opioid Use Disorder for Better Patient Care

    • Fireside Chat for Individuals New to a Role in Quality Improvement: What Can We Learn From Each Other About Practical Approaches to Quality

    • Fireside Chat for Physician Leaders: Engaging Physicians on the Front End of Decisions about Technology and Innovation

    • Fireside Chat for Leaders in Large Urban, Public, and/or Academic Hospitals: Breaking Through Silos and Plateaus

    • Rising from the Pandemic: Rebuilding the Infrastructure for Sustainable Patient Family Engagement for Equity (PFEE)

    • Left Out or Roped In? Rural Health's Journey Towards Health Equity

    • Improving Care Transitions in Critical Access Hospitals: Innovative Approaches to Improvement

  • 4

    Breakout Series 2

    • Adverse Drug Events (ADEs): Roadmap to Improvement

    • Your Blueprint to Fight the Opioid Epidemic: Proven Strategies for Hospitals

    • Readmissions: Roadmap to Improvement

    • Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI): Roadmap to Improvement

    • Sepsis Mortality Reduction: Roadmap for Improvement

    • Hospital Acquired Pressure Injuries (HAPI) Reduction: Roadmap to Improvement

    • Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infections (CLABSI): Roadmap to Improvement

  • 5

    Closing Call to ACTION Keynote

    • Call to Action for Health Care Leadership to Build Equity